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Meditation Group at Wenban Chiropractic

As part of our wholistic approach to health and wellbeing we now have a wonderful Meditation group established at Wenban Chiropractic.

Each Tuesday our group meets from 6-7.30pm in the Practice yoga studio. Each evening is a combination of meditation and thoughtful group discussion in our positive environment.

The group leader is Tim Dawson. Tim is a very experienced meditation leader, with a great passion for the benefits of mindfulness in daily life.

Phone Wenban Chiropractic on 66 816816 for more details.

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Spinal Health Week 2014




Spinal Health Week

Time to Start Living Better

Live Better, We’ve Got Your Back this Spinal Health Week 19-25 May

The month of May promotes the launch of the theme for Spinal Health Week (May 19-25) Live Better, We’ve Got Your Back, a national initiative of the CAA that aims to encourage Australians to support more investment in Chiropractic care and research.
Also as part of Spinal Health Week 2014, chiropractors throughout Australia will be also encouraging patients and their communities to improve their postural fitness.

During the Spinal Health Week at Wenban Chiropractic we will be conducting spinal checkups free of charge. 

Coming very soon to Wenban Chiropractic will be Spinal Health exercise classes including core stability training. Contact us if you are interested by email or phone.

The population is living longer, so let’s live better. Over a quarter of Australians are being forced into early retirement because of back or arthritic pain. Chronic back pain is one of the top three causes of disability in Australia. Forced early retirement can be devastating not only on your finances but the quality of your retirement years from experiencing physical pain. Retiring too early due to pain may be prevented by seeing a chiropractor and maintaining good postural fitness.

Postural fitness can prevent problems that may occur in your muscles, joints and ligaments, and it can also prevent potential injury. By building up core muscle strength and improving our postural fitness, we can protect and stabilise our spine. We can restore and maintain healthy spinal joints and mobility with chiropractic check-ups.

There are ways to improve our spinal health, such as avoiding sitting down for too long and sitting correctly. By using proper techniques when bending or lifting, you can avoid damage to your spine.

To help improve postural fitness, people can pick an exercise plan that strengthens their core muscles such as Pilates (to build strength and improve breathing, or yoga (to develop good balance and flexibility) or swimming (to improve muscle endurance, strength and resilience).

Around the workplace, people should consider new ways to combat the problems from sitting down for too long. Small changes that you can make to improve your postural fitness and limit time spent sitting include:
- Parking or getting off transport further away from work
- Taking the stairs where possible
- Stand up while on the phone for long periods
- Remember to take regular breaks from sitting and stretch or walk around
- Introduce walking meetings instead of sitting around a table
- Remember to check and adjust your sitting posture regularly. 
Chiropractors often get asked how to sit right at a computer desk. So the CAA developed a widget you can download ( to guide you.

At home it’s important for everyone to be aware of their posture, especially children. While playing video games or watching TV, children tend to sit with their head and chin forward which jams the top part of the neck joints. Symptoms of prolonged screen time include visual
impairment, headaches and a variety of physical pains including low back pain and repetitive strain. Children are four and a half times more likely to have a daily TV habit than a daily physical habit.
- The longer children sit, the harder it is for them to hold themselves up properly
- Games that get kids out of their seats and moving around are the best types of games
- For non-motion games, regardless of whether it is a hand-held device such as a Nintendo DS or an iPad/table or mobile phone, parents and kids should make sure that time limits are set for a break and a good stretch
An active spine is a healthy spine and a healthy spine leads to a healthier life.

Why not use Spinal Health Week to make an appointment with our clinic to assess your postural fitness and discuss how being more active will improve your wellbeing.

To improve your postural fitness and to start living better, contact Wenban Chiropractic for an appointment today.

You can also visit the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia’s (CAA) Sit Right website for tips on how to improve your posture or download the Sit Right widget to remind you when to take a break when sitting



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The exercise friend

This morning, in the middle of a 40 km mountain bike ride with my mountain biking buddy an important idea came into my head(as they do!). One of the most powerful things you can do for your long-term health is to have healthy people around you and to have one or more great training partners. The exercise/friend relationship can bring great things to you both by supporting the effort and consistency you put into your exercise. So if you already have great exercise relationships go out and let those people know how important they are. If you are a exercise loner why not establish some exercise links with people with whom you can share some mutual encouragement. Chiropractic and activity are a great partnership for spinal health.

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