What you eat has dramatic effects upon your health. We know that if you make small consistent changes for the better you will get healthier.

When it comes to eating and nutrition, keep it simple. The vast majority of our food we consume should be in its natural state.

You have absolute choice over what and how much you eat. Keep in mind that health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, just to name a few, have been linked to poor dietary intake.

Following simple eating habits can help you go a long way towards health and prevention. Many chiropractors give nutritional advice to their patients. Your chiropractor can help review your current diet and give you recommendations for changes if necessary.

One of the best resources we have seen to help you have a longer, healthier life through nutritional change is Changing habits, Changing lives. This is a book written by an Australian Nutritionist, Cyndi O’meara, it offers a simple, stepwise approach towards life changing nutrition. She has a wonderful website at www.changinghabits,com,au which you may find helpful.

In Health, knowledge is power…… below you will find a list of health topics and links to informative sources of information. Please browse the list below and click on the link for those of interest to you.

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