About Us

Humans are designed to be healthy.

……yes you, me and them as well.

All of us.

When we talk about health we mean more than “just above sick”, more than “just existing”.

So what happened on the way to the fairytale ending?

Stressful lives, repetative work, processed foods, sedentary lives, no time, lack of community, reliance on medication…….

it’s the new, faster lifestyle.

These lifestyle factors can and do create physiological(internal body) stress. No bodily system is spared. Your spine and Nervous system will do its best to cope but eventually it can no longer adapt.

If your spine is “blowing fuses” on a regular basis this is a sign that the Nervous System is overloaded. This may reveal itself in symptoms such as headaches, neck and back pain. These are signals that your body cannot tolerate more stress. Stress from nutritional, physical or emotional sources.

Your spine is the master control system of the body and improving the function of  the spinal column through Chiropractic care allows the Nervous system to adapt more effectively to life’s stresses. We also offer encouragement and advice to assist you in minimising the source of stress.

We see our clients make these sorts of changes on a regular basis. We hope to help you too.

Chiropractors are the spinal health specialists and at Wenban Chiropractic we believe that people of all ages benefit from interference-free Nervous Systems.

It’s never too late to start or to early to begin.