General Exercise

Exercise is essential in a healthy life. If you are not taking enough exercise it is not possible to reach your health potential. Simple.

Think of exercise as the new super vitamin…………….VITAMIN EX

Exercise can take different forms, depending upon your fitness level and physical capabilities. A fantastic resource to understand how much exercise is best for you is the book Younger Next Year. Find out more at

Exercise is always safer for the spine if the correct balance of spinal flexibility and strength are achieved. That is why we provide a extensive 6 week core stability workshop series at Wenban Chiropractic. Contact us if you are interested in taking part in our Workshop series.

Exercise can serve many purposes. It can enhance cardiovascular function, increase metabolism, enhance weight loss, enhance weight gain, strengthen joints, strengthen bones, increase immune function, improve sleep, disperse stress effects, lessen depression and many more. If you could find a medication that had all these effects you would be very rich. We are most interested in the huge benefits to nerve and spinal function from consistent exercise.

Chiropractors in general and Michael specifically are well qualified to advise appropriate exercise. Michael has been addicted to the effects of exercise from an early age. Beginning at three water-skiing started it off, soccer from age 8-17, surfing from age 10, bike riding from age 5, gym instructor from 21-23, competitive mountain biker from age 40, university human anatomy and physiology study from age 18-22. You can see the trend developing!

We believe you should never go for long without the health stimulating effects of exercise.


Stabilize the spine, PLEASE.

We are yet to come across an individual in our Chiropractic practice who has too much CORE STABILITY.

Please visit the site below to learn more about how to help yourself. This site contains lots of useful information including video of 4 fantastic, safe core exercises.

We are convinced that appropriate exercise, combined with Chiropractic and other wellness oriented lifestyle factors make a massive difference to lives. Get involved!