Chiropractic Wellness Care

Chiropractic Wellness

At Wenban Chiropractic we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic, nutrition and exercise. We help our patients achieve wonderful results by empowering them to lead a healthy, balanced  lifestyle. We do this by providing the best in Chiropractic care and providing Yoga classes. Additionally, we focus on education regarding exercise, nutrition and spinal health.

Clinical experience tells us that once you are feeling better a regular Chiropractic check-up may provide you with many benefits.

It’s all about maintenance and prevention. Long lasting spinal subluxations may recur and new ones can appear. Working towards long term health is what we call Chiropractic wellness care.

Chiropractic can be so much more than treatment of symptoms and relief of pain.

To help you understand Chiropractic Wellness care it may be useful to take a look at the central ideas behind Chiropractic.

From it’s beginning in 1895 Chiropractic has been committed to several core ideas.

These include:-

  1. The human body is organised in a very intelligent manner.
  2. This same organisational intelligence is responsible for the body’s ability to achieve an optimal state in different environments. Consider how the body
    responds on a hot day when you dive into a cold lake.
  3. This same intelligence runs the different systems of the body, including the immune system.
  4. The Master controller of the body’s intelligent workings is the Nervous System. Much like a brilliant conductor directs an orchestra.
  5. Altered position or motion of the spinal bones can interfere with the quality of nerve function and so affect general body well-being. This is called a subluxation.
  6. Ensuring that the spinal structures are not creating nerve interference is the role of the Chiropractor.
    The Chiropractor is an integral part of your wellness health team.

Why Chiropractic Wellness Works

We believe Chiropractic can have profound effects upon general health because of the Nervous Systems role as master controller of other body systems. This approach often works wonderfully following relief or corrective Chiropractic care.

Why do I need regular Chiropractic Checkups?

Dentists have done a great deal of public education about this concept in teeth. Surely everyone understands that you may have a small dental cavity and not know about it. It’s the same with the spine. Misalignments or lack of movement are often found in multiple areas of the spine. Should you ignore those areas until you have pain? We have found that a regular check-up can detect these areas before long-term change builds up.

Chiropractic Wellness Benefits

The benefits of regular chiropractic checkups can be broad. Many of our patients report benefits from having regular adjustments:-

  • Increased feeling of energy
  • Less post exercise aches and pains
  • improved understanding of health through access to health resources
  • active children
  • better mobility as we age
  • quality sleep
  • stronger, straighter posture
  • greater confidence in their spines integrity