Chiropractic adjusting techniques

At Wenban Chiropractic we have a range of techniques we use to adjust your spine. This allows us to tailor your Chiropractic Adjustments to your specific physical needs.

The techniques we use to adjust the spine are:

Sacro-occipital Technique(SOT)

A gentle technique which has powerful effects by releasing tension in the spinal dural system(the tough protective material surrounding the spinal cord). Commonly SOT includes the use of special pelvic blocks and soothing, deep pressure near the base of the skull. This technique is a component of many adjustments at our practice. SOT can have many beneficial effects throughout all the systems of the body.

 Drop Piece

At Wenban Chiropractic we have Athlegen adjusting tables that(apart from being very comfortable) allow us to use a system of spinal correction called Drop Piece technique. This is a system of adjusting that is especially effective when the spine is quite tight and stiff. Often used with those who have not been adjusted for some time or never had Chiropractic care.

On our tables we have two sections that can be moved upwards and are held in place by a magnetic lock. We fine tune the release made by the drop section by means of a adjustable tensioner at the side of the table. The adjustment is made when the drop section moves a small distance. This is accompanied by a characteristic noise of the table section dropping down.

 Manual Diversified

One of the more traditional Chiropractic techniques in which spinal tension is eased by very specific joint releases. Often(but not always) a Diversified adjustment will create a slight popping noise in the joint.

This noise varies somewhat from one adjustment to another. Diversified adjustments are often accompanied by a pleasant sense of freedom of movement.

If these adjustments are required we tailor the pressure used to the individual. As always we ensure you understand what is to be done in advance.


The Activator is a specially designed hand held instrument used to introduce movement into the spine. One of the great things about the Activator instrument is that our adjustments are precisely reproducible from one visit to another . This makes the activator technique particularly useful in adjusting babies, the elderly and those that benefit from joint release techniques but would rather a more gentle approach.

Myo-fascial Trigger Point Release

While not traditionally thought of as a Chiropractic technique this is a very useful addition to the Chiropractor’s tool kit.

Here the Chiropractor’s hands are used to find and stimulate an area of muscle called a Myofascial trigger point. A trigger point is an area in a muscle that becomes overly tight, has poor circulation and stiffens the surrounding joints. Often trigger points build up around long-term subluxations.

This approach is a particularly effective way to assist the muscles adapt to the adjustments we make.