Healthy adaptability

Adaptability – the key to health and longevity

Recent research has shown that the better the body’s ability to adapt to its environment, the better its health. The human body’s external and internal conditions are always changing. It is working non-stop to maintain a stable internal physiological state. This process is called homeostasis. Maintaining homeostasis (health) is fundamentally the result of how well the body can adapt to the constantly changing conditions it is exposed to. Various systems play a role in the body’s process of maintaining this balanced state. One, however, is of utmost importance; the Nervous System. Ensuring optimal Nervous System function is paramount when pursuing health and longevity.
Breath Work
There are many different breathing techniques such as Resonant Frequency breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, pranayama etc. A few minutes a day can make a big difference.
Try to maintain good posture throughout your day, especially if you are working on a computer, using mobile phones a lot etc.
Chiropractic Care
Get adjusted regularly.
“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” -The Bhagavad Gita
Start the day with a mindfulness exercise like a gratitude journal. Dedicate time to meditation in the morning or to wind down at night. Find resources here:
Being in nature
Go for a walk, swim in the ocean, sit under a tree, do gardening, gaze at the stars etc.

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